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Edit View Features

Contributor Editor is where you manage your contribution assignments. If you activate the Edit Mode, it has a wide range of features for editing content and adding comments. If not activated, the Contributor Editor will only work as Review View, which means that you can only provide feedback comments.

  1. Switch between available interfaces - The user type determines which interfaces that are available. To reach the Assignments Panel, you select Dashboard.

  2. TOC_ContributorEditor_small.png Table of Contents (TOC) - Show and hide the navigation sidebar.

  3. Contributor Editor Toolbar - You display it by selecting any part of the text, see Edit Content in Edit View.

  4. Content Editor - This is where content is added and edited.

  5. Assignment_Button_ContributorEditor_small.png Assignment button - Use it to end the contribution assignment by setting it to Done or Needs Work.

  6. View selector - It shows which view you have entered. If you have an author license, you can use it to switch between the different views available in Contributor Editor.

  7. Cog icon. Settings - This is where you find the following functions: Compare versions, Create snapshot, Profile settings, Share document and Publish document. The publishing option is only available to Paligo authors. You can compare content to previous versions called "snapshots". To find out more, see Compare Contributions.

  8. Comments_Sidebar_ContributorEditor_small.png Comments sidebar - Use to blue speech bubble show and hide the comments sidebar. This is where you provide feedback and reply to other comments. To find out more about using comments, see Add Comments in Edit View.

  9. Re-index_Translations_button_small.png Variables - These are words or phrases that can change in different scenarios. You cannot edit these in the Contributor Editor, but you can use the profile settings dialog to apply their values.

  10. Preview_ProfileSettings.png Profile Settings - This is where to select favorites, variables, profiling and options. If the content contains filters and / or variables, you should choose the profile set for the contribution. The person who sends you the contribution assignment should tell you which set you should use and you can select it from the Favorites tab.

  1. Open_Content_Manager_ContributorEditor_small.png Show the Content Manager Only available to Paligo authors

  2. Open_Full_Paligo_Editor_ContributorEditor_small.png Switch to main Editor Only available to Paligo authors

  3. Share_Content.png Share Document see Share Content (without assignments). Only available to Paligo authors

  4. Minimize_Sidepanels_Edit_View.png Minimize Sidepanels closes comments sidebar and TOC. Only available to Paligo authors

The Contributor Editor Toolbar is not as advanced as the one in the full Paligo Editor, but has the necessary options for adding structure (such as sections, lists and tables), inline styling and adding images and videos.