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About Collaboration

To track your content through each stage of the workflow, we recommend that you use assignments to assign tasks to other users, see User Types. You can categorize users in User Groups to be able to invite a specific type of user (for example SMEs = subject matter experts).

In Paligo there are several Assignment Types, each with a different purpose. They are called Review, Contribution, Translation, and Translation Review. The assignments are tracked by Paligo and you can monitor them from your Dashboard. The assignees work with the assignments in the Contributor Editor.


You do not have to use assignments for collaboration. If you prefer, you can also Share Content (without assignments), but be aware that there is limited tracking for shared content.

Workflow diagram showing the stages. Begins with work in progress, then In review, then In Translation, In Translation Review, and ends with Released.


There are two types of assignments that do not apply to user groups:

These can only be sent to a single assignee. For information on translation assignments, see About Translating.