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Assignment Types


Learn about the different types of assignments in Paligo.

Use assignments to collaborate with others and manage your projects and workflow. There are several types of assignments, each with a different purpose. They are called Review, Contribution, Translation, and Translation Review.

Review Assignment

Review_small.png Use review assignments when you want someone to read your content and provide feedback as comments. For example, you could send a review assignment to an SME (subject matter expert) to check for technical accuracy or proofreading. To learn more, see Create Assignments.

Contribution Assignment

Contribute_small.png Use Contribution assignments when you want someone to create content, edit existing content or provide suggestions. For example, a project manager could assign some topics to an expert and request the expert to write a draft of the content.

The actions that are available to the assignee vary, depending on the User Types that are assigned to their user account, see Create Assignments.

  • Users with an Author license can create and edit content in Paligo's main Editor, but also have access to all views in Contributor Editor.

  • Users with a Contributor license can only access the Contributor Editor.

    Depending on how the contribution assignment is set up, they can either create and edit content or be limited to making suggestions only. There are editing features but does not include the more advanced authoring features of the full Paligo editor, such as content reuse. You can create two types of contribution assignments, see Assignment Types.


    If a contribution assignment is set up for suggestions only, it has this symbol Suggest mode icon. It is a lightbulb..

Translation Assignment

Translate_small.png Use for managing translations, creating translation packages, and / or post-edit translations. Or even translate directly in Paligo by using the translation editor. To learn more, see Create a Translation Assignment.

Translation Review Assignment

Translation_Review_small.png Use Translation Review assignments when you want someone in your organization to proof-read a translation and leave comments as feedback. To learn more, see Create a Translation Review Assignment.