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About Reusing Content


Content reuse is the practice of using the same content in multiple places to save time and effort.

With Paligo's content reuse features, you can write the content once, in one place and reuse that content in multiple topics and publications. This will save you time and effort, but also result in a more consistent look and feel.

This means that you can reuse the same warning message, procedure steps or safety chapter. By using Variables and Filtering / Profiling (conditional text) you can vary the content depending on product and still use the same topics.


If you are new to content reuse, structured authoring and single-sourcing, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the reuse features at your disposal in Paligo.

Read The 5 Principles of Single Sourcing to find the right balance for such techniques in single-sourcing.

Content reuse with topics in three publications
Content reuse in three topics

To the left - Reuse a topic in multiple publications. To the right - Reuse elements, such as paragraphs, in multiple topics.