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Salesforce Knowledge Integration


Discover how you can use Paligo to author content and then publish it directly to Salesforce Knowledge.

You can use the powerful authoring features of Paligo to create your content and then publish it directly to Salesforce Knowledge. Depending on which Salesforce Layout you use for publishing, Paligo can publish to articles only or a mix of "Navigational Topics" and articles.

To publish from Paligo to Salesforce Knowledge:

  1. Preparations for Salesforce Integration and check that you have the correct plans, features, and licenses.

  2. Connect Paligo to Salesforce Knowledge.

  3. Make sure you understand the differences between the two types of Salesforce Layout:

  4. Decide whether you are going to create your own Salesforce Layout or use a built-in one.

    For details, see Create a Salesforce Layout.

    If you create a custom Salesforce Nested Layout, you can Edit a Salesforce Layout to control the mapping and change other publishing settings.

  5. Use a Salesforce Layout to Publish to Salesforce Knowledge.


    If you are using a Salesforce Nested Layout, you can use Salesforce Preflight to preview the publication, choose what is published, set the status, and remotely delete content.

Paligo will then publish your content directly to Salesforce Knowledge. It will also download the HTML as a package in your browser.