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You can connect Paligo to many different third-party tools, including help desks and translation software (see Work with a Translation Service).

To connect them, use the Integrations tab. For details on how to set up each type of integration, refer to the section about that application.


Paligo has an upload file size limit that applies to all "upload-integrations" (FTP, GitHub, Bitbucket, S3), with the exception of GitHub where the limit is 100 MB.

The upper file size limit is 500 MB. The reason is primarily to protect Paligo from choking on really large files. This upper limit can be raised upon request.


To access the integrations tab:

  1. Log in to Paligo via a user account that has administrator permissions.

  2. Select the avatar in the top-right corner. User avatar. It shows the user's image and their name. Next to the name is a downward pointing arrow, which when selected, reveals a menu.

  3. Select Settings from the menu. Cog icon.

  4. Select the Integrations tab. Jigsaw piece icon.

    Paligo settings. The Integrations tab is highlighted.