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What Happens during Publish?

When you choose to publish a publication or topic, Paligo generates an output, such as an HTML5 Help Center or a PDF. To generate the output, Paligo performs a "transformation", where it looks at:

  • The type of Layout to find out which type of output to create.

  • The layout settings to find out which settings and features to apply.

  • The publishing settings to find out what languages, Filtering / Profiling, Variables and other settings to use.

  • Detects any attributes that are set for elements in your content. These tell Paligo to apply certain properties in the output, for example, Paligo can use the role attribute to create a matching class name in an HTML5 output.

  • Creates an output file that downloads in your browser (and is published to another system, if you publish to an integration, such as Zendesk)

In Paligo, the content and styling are separated. For styling your output, use the Layout Editor. When you publish, you only need to configure the Layout settings and choose the publishing settings. Paligo takes care of the actual "transformation" into HTML5, PDF, and other formats.


For HTML5 outputs, you can also Style with CSS and Style with JavaScript. Paligo includes these files in the output so that the browser can see the CSS and JS to apply those styling rules in the browser.


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