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About Authoring

When you author in Paligo, you mainly work with two different kinds of content, Topics and Publications.


The typical workflow for authoring in Paligo is:

  1. Create a Publication where you build the structure for your output, like a table of contents.

  2. Create a Topic for each subject or task.

  3. Add Elements and Add Attributes to the topics.

  4. Add Content to a Publication to build the output structure.

  5. Collaboration is when you send content for review or ask a colleague to contribute.

  6. Translation can be done either by internal translators or by a translation service.

  7. Style and Customize your Outputs by setting up one or more Layouts to define the output type and necessary settings. For some outputs, such as PDF, the styling is done directly in the Layout Editor. For HTML output, there is a combination of layout settings and the possibility to upload a customized CSS file or JS file to style the content, see Style with CSS and Style with JavaScript.

  8. Publish Content when it is released.