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Work with Internal Translators

We recommend that you use a professional translation service for translating to other languages. This could be either an external translation agency or translators in your organization with access to professional translation software.

If your organization does not have access to professional translators and translation software, it is possible to use Paligo's Built-in Translation Editor called Translation View. With this approach, there is no translation memory so the translations need to be managed manually. Only source language topics can and should be edited in Contributor Editor. Translations should always be edited in the Translation View or exported to XLIFF for editing in external translation software.

It's also possible to translate content without using assignments, just by Working in Translation View. But as sharing is separate to an assignment, there is no tracking of the work on the Dashboard. For this reason, we recommend that you use the assignments instead. To find out more, see About Translating.

If you want a Contributor / Translation Reviewer to review and edit a translation create:


Do not share the document or send it as a contribution assignment. For an overview of the recommended process, see Workflow for Internal Translation.