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Translation Review Assignments

Use translation review assignments to allocate a review of a translation to someone in your organization. The translation review assignments are tracked by Paligo so that you can see who has been assigned the work, the timescale for the work, and the current status.

When a translation review assignment is completed, the content is either approved or it needs more work. If it needs more work, Reassign a Translation Review Assignment so that they can make the changes. When they are done, create another translation review assignment process. Repeat this until the content is approved and ready to publish.


Translation review assignments are designed for reviewing the work of translators who use Paligo to add translations.

If you are using a translation service, you may want to check that the translations are complete, rather than review the content in detail. This also applies if you have translators in your organization, but they use professional translation software rather than Paligo. To check the completion status without using a translation review assignment, see Check and Approve the Translation.