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Add an Inline Image

An inline image is a small picture that appears in the flow of the text, for example, an icon that appears inside a paragraph. In the following image, a save icon has been added as an inline image in a step in a procedure.

A topic containing some text and procedure list. One of the steps has a save icon at the end of a paragraph. A callout arrow points to the save icon.


There are separate sections that explain how to Add an Image, Add a Figure, and Add Side-By-Side Images.

There are several ways to add an inline image to a topic:


You can use Keyboard Shortcuts to add images, figures, inline images and side-by-side images.

"Drag and drop" is a quick way to add an image to a topic and upload it into your media library at the same time.

  1. Place your cursor where you want to add an inline image, for example, inside a para element.

  2. On your computer, find the image file that you want to add to your topic and drag it onto the topic.

    A view of a desktop. On the left, the Paligo editor is open in a browser window. On the right, a folder containing images is open. A callout arrow shows that you can drag an image file from the folder into the Paligo topic.
  3. Select the blue menu at the top of the dialog to select where to upload the images.

    Upload images dialog. The In Folder button is selected, revealing a popup that contains the media folder structure.

    The blue menu displays a hierarchical view of your media library folders.

  4. Decide whether you want Paligo to compare your new images to images in the selected folder only, or images in child folders too.

    • Check the Update existing in any folder box to set Paligo to look in the selected folder and any of its descendant folders (child folders).

    • Clear the Update existing in any folder box to set Paligo to look only in the root of the selected folder.

    Upload images dialog. A callout box is positioned over the Update existing in any folder checkbox, which is at the bottom of the dialog.
  5. Decide whether you want your new files to update any existing files of the same name.

    Upload images dialog. It lists three new images that are going to be uploaded to Paligo.
    • Check the Update box to replace an existing image with your new image.

    • Clear the Update box to upload the new image in addition to the existing image.

      This will mean you have multiple images with the same name. You can rename the images in the Content Manager to make them easier to manage.


    You may be able to save time by selecting the Update all existing box, which automatically selects all of the update boxes at once.

  6. Check the Remove whitespace box if you want Paligo to automatically remove any unnecessary white space (empty areas) from the edges of your image. This only applies if your image is AI. EPS, or PDF.

  7. Select Upload.

    Paligo uploads your image to the media library and inserts it as an inline image in your topic. You can close the Upload Images dialog.