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With templates, you can create a "model" structure and use it as the basis for new publications or new topics. For example, let's say you need to create user guides for many products and they all need the same structure. Rather than manually recreate the same structure for each publication, you can:

  1. Create the structure you want in a template.

  2. Create new publications that are based on the template.The new publications will automatically inherit the structure and content from the template.

Working with templates like this will help you to save time and make sure your content has a consistent structure.


We strongly recommend that you only use templates when there is a clear need to use the same structure repeatedly in your content.

If it is the actual content that needs to be repeated, rather than the structure, use Paligo's Content Reuse features instead. These will give you more control over how and where the content is reused.

To learn about the two types of template and how to set them up, see: