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Remove Multiple Taxonomy Tags

Use the Advanced Search feature to remove taxonomy tags from many topics at once. This is much quicker than removing taxonomy tags from topics individually.

  1. Select Quick Search in the top menu. Search.png

    Close up of top part of Paligo user interface. A callout box highlights the search icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Advanced Search. Filter_symbol_small.png

    Quick search bar. There is a down arrow button, a quick search field, a search icon, and a funnel icon.
  3. Perform an Advanced Search that will return the topics with the taxonomy tags you want to remove. For example, you could search for content in a particular folder or search for topics that have a particular parent taxonomy tag.

  4. In the list of results, check the box for each topic that will have one or more of its taxonomy tags removed.

    Close up of advanced search results. There is a list of results. Next to each result row is a checkbox. For each result, Paligo shows the name of the component and also the taxonomies it has.


    Paligo lists the first 200 matching results. If you need to remove the tags from more than 200 results, you will need to repeat the process multiple times.

  5. Select the arrow button Button with downward-facing arrow at the bottom of the checkbox column.

  6. Select Remove Taxonomies.

  7. Check the box for each taxonomy tag that you want to remove from the selected topics.

    Remove taxonomies dialog. It lists the taxonomies for the selected components. Each taxonomy has a checkbox so that you can choose to remove it or leave it in place.
  8. Select Remove.

  9. Confirm you want to remove the taxonomy tags.