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Lost or Stolen Phone for 2FA

If the smartphone, tablet, or computer that runs your authentication app is lost or stolen, you are not going to be able to provide the verification code for Paligo. But there is another way to log in. Instead of using the verification code, you can use the backup code that Paligo emailed to you when you first set up your Paligo account. The backup code can only be used once.

When you use a backup code, Paligo generates a new backup code to replace it, and sends that to your email address.

To find out how to use the backup code, see Log In Using Backup Code.


If you have lost the device that runs your authentication app, or you think it has been stolen, ask an administrator user to reset your MFA (multi-factor authentication) device. This will remove the association between Paligo and your lost/stolen device. Should someone try to use the device to log in to Paligo, they will be unable to generate an acceptable validation code.