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Log In Using Backup Code

If you have two-factor authentication set up in Paligo, you need to provide a username, password, and verification code each time you log in from a new location. You can also use a backup code instead of the verification code and this is useful if you have lost the device that runs your authentication app (typically a smartphone) or it has been stolen or destroyed.

Paligo emails the backup code to you when 2FA is first set up for your user account. So if you have access to your email, you can get the backup code and use that instead of the verification code.


If you do not have your backup code, an administrator can reset 2FA for your user account. This completely removes the 2FA association between your Paligo user account and the authentication app on your smartphone, tablet, etc. You can then start the log-in process and set up a new 2FA association if required.

It is the responsibility of the administrator to make sure that each user is who they claim to be and is authorized to access your Paligo instance. If you need to verify the identity of an administrator user, please contact Paligo support. When the administrator user is verified as genuine, Paligo support can reset the 2FA association.

To log in using the backup code:

  1. Browse to your Paligo instance and enter your username and password as usual.

  2. When prompted to enter a validation code, select the "I don't have my device" hyperlink to reveal a message and checkbox.

    Please verify your login page. Enter the verification code from your authentication app to log in.
  3. Select the checkbox to switch the verification code field to a backup code field.

    Please verify your login page. Shows "Don't have your verified device?" information. Select the checkbox to be able to use backup code instead of verification code.
  4. Enter your backup code. This is the backup code that Paligo emailed to you when you first set up 2FA for your user account or the previous time you used a backup code to log in.

    When you enter the correct backup code, you are logged in to Paligo. The backup code you used is now invalid. Paligo emails a new backup code to you.