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Lost Backup Code

When you first set up two-factor authentication, Paligo sends you a backup code via email. You can use the backup code to log in instead of using the verification code, but you can only use it once. When you use a backup code, Paligo sends you a new one via email, and you can use that backup code for future log-ins if needed.

If you do not have your backup code, an administrator can reset 2FA for your user account. This completely removes the 2FA association between your Paligo user account and the authentication app on your smartphone, tablet, etc. You can then start the log-in process and set up a new 2FA association if required.

To find out more about setting up a new 2FA association between Paligo and your authentication app, see Log In using 2FA.

If you have found your backup code in your emails, you can use it to log in.