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Enable or Disable Author Remarks (PDF)

Author remarks are comments in code, where the comment is part of the topic, but not displayed to your end users. Author remarks have no relation to the feedback comments in reviews and are not part of the review "conversation".

Via the Layout Editor you can choose to include Author remarks in your PDF output.

  1. Select Layout in the top menu.

    Paligo editor. The Layout option in the header menu is highlighted.

    Paligo displays a list of Layouts. The list is empty if there are no custom Layouts in your Paligo instance.

  2. Select the Layout you want to update or Create a Layout.


    You can copy the URL of the Layout Editor and paste it into a new tab in your browser. This can be useful if you frequently switch between your Paligo content and the Layout settings.

  3. Select General and choose Draft and Watermark in the sidebar.

  4. Scroll down to Show Comments.

  5. Select:

    • Enabled to include author remarks in PDF output.

    • Disabled to exclude author remarks in PDF output. Default



    You can show remarks (comments) with Draft mode set to Yes, Default, or No. The Draft mode setting has no effect on whether remarks are visible in the output.

  6. Select Save.