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Author Remarks

The remark element is a regular DocBook Element  and works like an internal comment (author notes) inside the topic. For example it can be used as a tip, an internal instruction or a reminder for other authors. It will only be visible to authors working in the Editor View and not displayed to the end users.

The remark element is not handled via the Element Attributes Panel since it has no profiling values. It is visualized in the enclosing "box" highlighted in yellow with a lock and a green speech bubble.


By default, the remark element comments are not shown in published output. But there is a way to include them in the PDF output, see The Basics of Topic Editing. However it cannot be made to appear in an HTML output.



A remark element has no relation to the Review or Contribution assignments and will not be a part of those.

  1. Place the cursor where the remark element is to be inserted.

  2. Press Alt + Enter ⏎ (Windows) or Command ⌘ + Enter ⏎ (Mac) to display the Element Context Menu.

    Element context menu shows a search field and a list of elements that are valid at the current position.
  3. Enter Remark and select it from the Element Context Menu.

  4. Enter the internal comment.

  5. Select Save. Save icon.


If you click on an area outside the remark element, the editor will highlight the enclosing "box" in yellow.


This section describes how to remove a remark.

  1. Select the Remark element in the topic.

  2. Place the cursor in the Element Structure Menu below the tool bar.

  3. Select the element and choose Delete.

  4. Select Save. Save icon.