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Create an Informal Topic

The Informal topic makes it possible to reuse a collection of elements. For example, if you want to reuse a paragraph and an image together, they can be combined in an informal topic.

An informal topic is not a standalone component like a regular topic and must therefore be part of another component or topic. This means you can combine informal topics as "children" inside a "parent" informal topic. You can reuse the informal topic in as many regular topics as needed.

To preview an informal topic, you have to insert it into a regular topic, see Insert Component.


Use the role attribute called reuse-range to reuse procedure steps or list items, see Reuse a Sequence of List Items.

To create an informal topic:

  1. Select the Dotted Menu (...) for the folder where the informal topic is to be stored.

  2. Select Create Content. Preview_HTML.png

  3. Enter a name for the informal topic.

  4. Select the checkbox for Informal topic. Informal_Topic.png

  5. Choose the Language(s) to support. Open_Settings_small.png

  6. Select the checkbox Open in editor.

  7. Select OK.

  8. Add your content the same way that you add content to a regular topic.

  9. Select Save. Save icon.

The informal topic is now ready to be inserted in regular topics.