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Revert a Text Fragment to a Previous Revision

You can revert a text fragment, such as a paragraph, back to a previous revision. For example, if someone has added incorrect information to a paragraph, you can change it back to the correct content from an earlier revision.

  1. Open the topic that contains the text fragment and then select the text fragment.

  2. In the Element Structure Menu, select the para element and then select Text > Show history.

    Paligo editor. The para element is selected in the Element Structure Menu. There is a dropdown menu with many options and the Text option is highlighted. There is a sub-menu for the Text option and in that the Show History option is highlighted.
  3. Select the Date link for the revision you want to revert to.

    Paligo shows a preview of the revision.

    History dialog for a text fragment. There is a table that shows each revision, with options to compare them, information about the user, type and date, and also a preview.
  4. Select Revert version.


If your text history contains revisions that are duplicates or are no longer needed, you can delete them.