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Import from DITA

Use the Paligo Import Wizard to import DITA content directly into Paligo. During the import, Paligo will handle most of the common DITA content elements, including conkeyrefs (partially).

If your content has DITA constructs that Paligo does not support, these may be excluded or imported as DocBook elements that have a different purpose. It is possible that this could result in invalid DocBook XML. These need to be corrected manually post-import.

Prepare the DITA Content

Paligo imports the content into the Content Manager. When the import is complete, check the content as you may need to alter some of it manually (if there were DITA elements that are not supported by the Paligo import, for example).

  1. Prepare your DITA content and then zip the folder that contains it.


    If you use variables in your DITA content and want to import them into Paligo as variables, see Import Conkeyrefs as Variables.

  2. In a folder with your DITA content, make sure you have one main ditamap file. Name this ditamap file: 


    If you have one ditamap for the entire publication and several "chapter" ditamaps, only rename the main publication one. It does not matter if that's a regular ditamap or a bookmap.

  3. Use the Import Wizard to import your DITA content.

    Select DITA (.ditamap) as the import type and then select your DITA zip file as the "archive file".